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  • The InterFET Corporation introduced the industry standard IF1320 in a Matched Dual configuration to fill in its portfolio of over 500 standard JFETs.  ...More

  • InterFET Corporation, a leading manufacturer and global supplier of discrete Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFET), today announced an agreement to make Mouser Electronics an authorized InterFET distributor.  ...More

  • InterFET begins its 30th year of serving the electronics industry with custom JFETs as well as standard P/N's  ...More

  • InterFET CEO Dan Roberts Hopes to Use Industrial Advisory Board Position to Encourage Engineering Students to Increase Their Knowledge of Analog and Mixed-Signal Technologies  ...More

  • In an article entitled “JFET Applications in Today’s Analog World”, InterFET Vice President of Engineering Don Schuyler describes how JFETs still fill a critical need in the signal chain.  ...More

  • A new N-channel high gain JFET with integrated back-to-back input diodes. Designated the IFND89, it is packaged in the 5-leaded SC70 package,  ...More

  • As Vishay/Siliconix quietly exits the JFET business, rest assured that your JFET requirements are still in good hands with InterFET.  ...More


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InterFET Company Highlights


InterFET has developed this custom integrated circuit capability using exclusively n-channel JFET active components and on-board MOS capacitors and diffused resistors. This process uses P-well isolation and the same epitaxially formed channels which provide discrete JFETs their excellent Low-noise and radiation-tolerant characteristics. Overall performance of sensitive preamplifier and amplifier applications is improved over hybrids using discrete JFETs due to reduction of chip and wire parasitics.

InterFET is capable of delivering a turnkey product, or, if you provide CAD Layout, InterFET will work with you by providing the foundry work.

Custom Discrete JFET Designs

  • Discrete JFETs with high gain (gm) and high gm/Cm ratio using tetrode (or dual gate) designs to allow minimum capacitance on the input gate.
  • High performance discrete JFET designs to increase radiation tolerance using very small and tight design rules.
  • Unusual discrete JFET designs, such as very large, high voltage, or other special design considerations.

JFET and IC Research

In addition to providing the broadest range of standard commercial JFET's  InterFET Corporation has participated in research projects with Brookhaven National Laboratory, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratories, INFN (Italian Nuclear Physics Institute) and others... plus grants from DOE/SBIR and the Texas Advanced Research Program.

R&D lab

InterFET has substantial experience partnering research and development with scientific and commercial customers that need very low noise, radiation tolerance, cryogenic operation or other special requirements.

New Process JFET Integrated Circuit Technology

JFET ICs are very specialized products, capable of meeting performance needs that no other IC technology can satisfy. Applications demanding extremely low-noise charge or signal amplification, or needing high tolerance to radiation or ESD are well suited to this new technology.