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  • The InterFET Corporation introduced the industry standard IF1320 in a Matched Dual configuration to fill in its portfolio of over 500 standard JFETs.  ...More

  • InterFET Corporation, a leading manufacturer and global supplier of discrete Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFET), today announced an agreement to make Mouser Electronics an authorized InterFET distributor.  ...More

  • InterFET begins its 30th year of serving the electronics industry with custom JFETs as well as standard P/N's  ...More

  • InterFET CEO Dan Roberts Hopes to Use Industrial Advisory Board Position to Encourage Engineering Students to Increase Their Knowledge of Analog and Mixed-Signal Technologies  ...More

  • In an article entitled “JFET Applications in Today’s Analog World”, InterFET Vice President of Engineering Don Schuyler describes how JFETs still fill a critical need in the signal chain.  ...More

  • A new N-channel high gain JFET with integrated back-to-back input diodes. Designated the IFND89, it is packaged in the 5-leaded SC70 package,  ...More

  • As Vishay/Siliconix quietly exits the JFET business, rest assured that your JFET requirements are still in good hands with InterFET.  ...More


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InterFET JFET Naming Conventions

Device part numbers in the InterFET's Semiconductor Databook correspond to most industry standard part numbering schemes.


JEDEC (Joint Electron Device Engineering Council) and EIA (Electronics Industry Association) standard for registered transistor part numbers specifies a "2N..." prefix. Most of the JFETs listed in the InterFET data book carry this part numbering scheme.

An example of this is the SMP4391 which is a 2N4391 equivalent device in an SOT-23 plastic surface mount package.

The "IPA..." part numbers are InterFET specific numbers for a proprietary line of JFET integrated circuits. These manufacturer-specific part numbers are also found in the databook.

Uxxxx DPADxxxx PNxxxx
Jxxxx PADxxxx VCRxxxx

Although the "U..." and "J..." part numbers are not JEDEC registered, they are accepted by users and manufacturers as standard industry part numbers.

Several semiconductor manufacturers of JFETs include "U..." and "J..." part numbers in their data book. The "PN..." part numbers are normally TO-92 plastic encapsulated equivalents of "2N..." metal case part numbers. This is also an accepted industry practice.

"PAD..." and "DPAD..." indicate that the device is a pico-Amp diode or a dual pico-Amp diode. Voltage controlled resistors will normally carry the "VCR..." prefix.

The Device part numbers typically consist of a prefix containing two or more alpha-numeric characters followed by a sequence of 3 or 4 numbers.

IFxxxx IFNxxxx
IFPxxxx SMPxxxx

Part numbers prefixed with "I..." are unique InterFET's parts which typically have no other industry source. "IFN..." and "IFP..." prefixed part numbers are normally InterFET variations of JEDEC "2N..." and Japanese "2SK..." and "2SJ..." part numbers.

Examples are such as the IFN6449 which is an InterFET variation of the 2N6449 and the IFN 112 which is an InterFET's equivalent of the 2SK 112.

These equivalent parts typically perform the same function as the industry standards but may have some minor parametric variation or be offered in a different package than the registered part number.

Products in surface mount packages, SOT-23 and SOIC-8, have a "SMP..." prefix to the part number. This is normally a 3 or 4 digit number which corresponds to the standard or registered part number.