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  • The InterFET Corporation introduced the industry standard IF1320 in a Matched Dual configuration to fill in its portfolio of over 500 standard JFETs.  ...More

  • InterFET Corporation, a leading manufacturer and global supplier of discrete Junction Field Effect Transistors (JFET), today announced an agreement to make Mouser Electronics an authorized InterFET distributor.  ...More

  • InterFET begins its 30th year of serving the electronics industry with custom JFETs as well as standard P/N's  ...More

  • InterFET CEO Dan Roberts Hopes to Use Industrial Advisory Board Position to Encourage Engineering Students to Increase Their Knowledge of Analog and Mixed-Signal Technologies  ...More

  • In an article entitled “JFET Applications in Today’s Analog World”, InterFET Vice President of Engineering Don Schuyler describes how JFETs still fill a critical need in the signal chain.  ...More

  • A new N-channel high gain JFET with integrated back-to-back input diodes. Designated the IFND89, it is packaged in the 5-leaded SC70 package,  ...More

  • As Vishay/Siliconix quietly exits the JFET business, rest assured that your JFET requirements are still in good hands with InterFET.  ...More


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InterFET RoHS & REACH Compliance

RoHS & REACH Compliance 
Metal Case is RoHS compliant
The following packages are and have always been lead free/RoHS compliant:
        • Bare die/wafer
        • Metal Case
        • TO18
        • TO39
        • TO46
        • TO52
        • TO71
        • TO72
        • TO78
        • TO99

Other RoHS-compliant plastic package facts:
Plating material 100% matte tin
Lead frame material Copper 194 or Alloy 42
Lead content of
plating material
  Lead free
(ie, less than .1%, 1000ppm by weight)
Soldering  Maximum Temperature=260 Degree C
 Maximum Time=20-40 seconds
Reflow Profile  Peak Temperature=260 Degree C,
 Peak Time=20-40 seconds 
Acceptable Reflows 3 reflows
Lead Free packages can be soldered using 
existing Sn-Pb solder and temperature profiles 
Lead Free Packages can be soldered using lead  free
solders and the appropriate higher temperature profiles


InterFET Corporation

RoHS and REACH Compliance

RoHS Compliance
All InterFET standard and custom devices are RoHS compliant unless otherwise specified by the customer.

REACH Compliance
InterFET is not a chemical supplier and is therefore exempted from compliance with REACH certification.  InterFET evaluates all MSDS documents used in the manufacture of all InterFET discrete devices and has Verified REACH compliance.

The REACH requirement was set as a requirement on 1 June 2007.  Since that time there have been updates and new inclusions into the SVHC list.  These inclusions usually occur twice a year and InterFET is in a continual evaluation of suppliers to confirm compliance with the REACH requirements.  At this point in time there are not any indications of a non-compliance with the REACH requirements.

(As of July 24, 2014)